January 10, 2017

PowerBloks™ Revolutionizes Renewable Energy Purchasing

By Edison Energy

The commercial and institutional (C&I) renewable energy market has expanded dramatically over the past five years and has become the main driver behind renewables’ domestic acceleration. In a recent study, 72 percent of corporations are “actively pursuing renewable energy procurement.” A wide range of innovative financing options and tax credits that significantly reduce upfront costs have helped facilitate market growth.

However, most off-site renewable energy efforts have been necessarily focused on the largest companies and institutions. Renewable energy project developers have required long-term off-take commitments — typically 15-25 years — investment grade credit, and large off-take commitments. The number of organizations that can absorb the entire production of a 100-200 megawatt (MW) wind farm is limited and existing aggregation models — in which multiple off-takers would divide a project’s output into more manageable sizes — come with their own challenges. And long-term off-take requirements remain a significant barrier for many organizations of all sizes.

Today, Altenex, an EDISON ENERGY® Company, announced the general availability of PowerBloks: a new PPA structure specifically designed to meet the needs of mid-size organizations — companies, colleges and universities, health care systems and municipalities — as well as larger energy buyers.

  • Scale: PowerBloks offers guaranteed availability of smaller units of renewable energy; typically in 10 MW tranches. This immediately expands the number of organizations eligible to participate in the U.S. renewables market.
  • Shorter Terms: PowerBloks offers 10-year guaranteed contracts. Many organizations prefer shorter terms compared to more traditional 15-20 year PPA durations and will find it easier to secure internal approval for shorter transactions.

PowerBloks also makes sense for large corporations. For companies taking a portfolio approach to renewable energy sourcing, PowerBloks provides additional flexibility — geographic, project, term, etc. — within a comprehensive strategy.

PowerBloks’ combination of right-sized scale and shorter terms represents an offering that simply does not exist anywhere in the renewable energy market. With this rollout, our hope is that we will see a significant expansion of renewable energy adoption by organizations of all sizes.

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