November 13, 2018

A Landmark of Culture and Sustainability: Lincoln Center’s Award-Winning Corporate Energy Management Program

By Edison Energy

As a not-for-profit, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (LCPA) must deal with certain challenges that other facilities and corporate entities do not.  Its budgets are expensed-based and require fine-tuning to maximize value in a responsible manner consistent with not-for-profit needs. Given such constraints, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’ achievements in sustainability and efficiency are even more impressive and exceptional.

Over the past decade, LCPA has implemented several important changes to the operations of their iconic 16.3-acre campus, which is home to 11 different arts organizations. These innovations have included permanently improving energy waste and water efficiency. A key initiative includes the purchase of 100% renewable energy to supply to the campus.  Over a three-year period, the use of renewable energy over fossil fuels will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 100 million pounds.

Steve DeStefano, the Senior Director of Operations and Facility Services at LCPA, has been the champion of the campus energy management and sustainability initiatives—bringing expertise in corporate and institutional energy management to Lincoln Center. Having completed similar management and program assistance for thousands of clients and millions of square feet of space over his 25-year career at Honeywell, he was able to join Lincoln Center in 2013 and leverage that cultivated expertise to support the mission.

Although Mr. DeStefano brings strategic experience in corporate and institutional energy management to LCPA, his greatest influence has been his ability to shape the culture of operational excellence at Lincoln Center. He has helped to transform the culture into a place that fosters excellence in reliability as well as sustainability and efficiency at all levels.

“Corporate energy management is not only driven by legislation, but it is led by mantra; a culture that grows and presents itself within its people,” says DeStefano. “The work we completed could not have been done without the executive support of our Chief Operating Officer Liza Parker, our Vice President Peter Flamm, my internal operations staff on campus, as well as the energy engineering team from Edison Energy and key contractors from GSI systems, as well as AME Incorporated. I am looking forward to our continued success and future investment in growing our efficiency and sustainability.”

As LCPA looks to the future, Steve and his team are committed to continuing their efforts through several major initiatives. First, in  addition to the corporate energy management of LCPA, is the complete operational excellence of the $1.2 billion capital renovation scope of work. Second, is spearheading initiatives to reduce the water use at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Central Plant by over 50%.

The LCPA website showcases key accomplishments, as well as goals for 2020, which include:

  • Reduce electricity consumption by 2.15 million kilowatt-hours
    • To achieve this, they plan to implement numerous energy conservation measures, such as lighting retrofits and improving pump motor efficiency.
  • Reduce use of chemicals by 3,000 pounds
    • By streamlining cooling tower operations, they plan to reduce use of chemicals such as biocides and corrosive inhibitors. This will also help lower power consumption and improve efficiency of critical operating equipment
  • Reduce water use by 2.17 million gallons
    • Modifications to components of the steam distribution system will help protect local drinking water, minimize water pollution, reduce the need for costly water treatment facilities, maintain the health of aquatic environments, and save money.

To read about our work with LCPA, download our case study here.


About the Award:

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts was named the winner of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) 2018 Corporate Energy Management Award.