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Chris Crockett

Manager, Transportation Electrification

I support the Transportation Electrification (TE) practice at Edison Energy. I provide advisory and educational services to clients as they consider electric vehicles (EVs) and charging for their fleets. As part of the TE advisory team, I help clients make the connection between electrifying their fleets and their sustainability goals, while delivering the data analysis needed to meet those goals.

Prior to joining Edison Energy, I led EV program development and implementation for electric utilities across the U.S., focusing heavily on customer and community led initiatives. While I’m working on larger, commercial fleets now, I still feel the need to give back where I can. I volunteer my time helping with smaller transportation electrification projects in the Portland area, sharing my expertise with underrepresented demographics (generally rural, elderly, and low-income communities).

Educational Background

B.S. in Physics - University of Georgia

B.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering - Oregon Institute of Technology