August 15, 2016

Blog Series: Developing & Enhancing Your Renewable Energy Strategy, Part I

By Edison Energy Renewables Team

It has never been easier for companies to capture the value of renewable energy. Thanks to market conditions, sophisticated analytics, and off-taker-friendly contract structures, organizations can stabilize their energy costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with no capital cost and significant risk protection.

However, for all of the favorable overall conditions, there are still challenges to address, because direct renewables procurements still require specific market access resources, analytics tools, and contextual experience that’s often outside traditional internal organizational experience.

In many cases, those leading the organizational charge have been given renewables responsibilities as an add-on to their original job description. As a result, there is a wide variance of knowledge and skill sets of those entrusted with making a renewable energy program succeed. This hurdle is exacerbated when the shortened learning curve is coupled with the limited budget most organizations can dedicate to renewable project planning.

What’s clear is that many organizations would welcome insight on how to get the ball rolling, and those of us in the renewables industry are in a unique position to help. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Association of Climate Change Officers’ (ACCO) “Climate Strategies Forum – East Coast,” where I co-presented a bootcamp entitled, “Energy 201: Developing & Enhancing Your Renewable Energy Strategy.”

ACCO’s vision is to enable “all organizations to be more sustainable by building enterprise capacity and empowering leadership to respond to climate change.” In conjunction with that vision, the goal of the bootcamp was to arm C&I staff with the information necessary to create and implement renewable energy strategies that will reduce their organization’s carbon footprint and position them to reap the financial benefits associated with reduced and stabilized energy expenditures.

In the coming weeks, we will be presenting a blog series that outlines key lessons from that bootcamp, which will address:

  • Fundamentals and key issues of renewable energy finance
  • Identifying and addressing internal barriers
  • Working with developers
  • Defining a plan forward

Our hope is that the blog series will better position organizations to overcome some of the barriers to the implementation of renewable energy.