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Accelerate Auto

Accelerating Decarbonization Across the Auto Value Chain

Edison Energy and RENEW Energy Partners earmark $50 million for Accelerate Auto program geared towards auto supply chain decarbonization efforts.

"Edison has long served some of the world’s largest automakers. Those clients have come to us recognizing that to achieve their sustainability goals, they must consider how to drive decarbonization of their suppliers, which often make up over 80% of an auto manufacturer’s greenhouse gas emissions. We want to remove as many barriers as possible for suppliers to engage, and we believe that our partnership with RENEW will help achieve this."

- Oded J. Rhone, President & CEO, Edison Energy

"Our mission as a company is to provide certainty that carbon reduction targets will be met by making supply chain decarbonization happen faster and more efficiently. By partnering with Edison Energy, we are able to leverage each other’s skill sets to create a greater offering, accelerating climate action across the value chain."

- Martin Chilcott, CEO, Manufacture 2030

"By focusing on a particular industry, we are able to identify energy efficiency projects and distributed energy opportunities that would be the best fit at specific facilities. As a company dedicated to funding carbon reduction projects, we have a greater understanding of the value of these projects and can expedite projects, ultimately benefiting the entire industry. M2030’s ability to identify projects and Edison’s capacity to validate and implement these projects, combined with RENEW’s funding capabilities, means we can create the most efficient and cost-effective process possible. We look forward to building momentum around this innovative partnership."

- Charlie Lord, Co-Founder and Principal

"We’ve been working on advancing the environmental sustainability of the auto supply chain for a long time and are always looking for innovative and thoughtful new approaches to spur action on reducing Scope 3 emissions. The combination of Edison Energy, M2030 and RENEW puts several key pieces together to help drive real impact in the supply chain."

- Steve Hellem, Executive Director, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SPE)

Have you heard the news?

We are not just accelerating decarbonization within the auto industry. Learn more about the broader Accelerate Program, a collaborative initiative between Edison Energy and RENEW Energy Partners, and how we are offering flexible financing solutions across commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.