As stakeholder expectations around sustainability governance and economic, environmental, and social performance increases, companies need to up their game. Learn more:

Turn sustainability into opportunity.

As stakeholder expectations around sustainability governance and economic, environmental, and social performance increases, companies need to up their game.

No longer the sole purview of a small working group, sustainability is moving up the boardroom agenda into all aspects of a business and its value chain. More than ever, businesses see sustainability not only as a tool to improve risk mitigation but also as a driver of value creation.

Applying insights, analysis and innovative strategies to help you set and achieve your sustainability goals”

At Edison Energy, we have assembled the expertise to impart the knowledge, help craft the strategy, improve performance, and carve out a leadership position for your company among peers and competitors.

Gain Knowledge and Insight

Sustainability is a highly complex and rapidly evolving area for business. Having an in-depth understanding of stakeholder expectations, as well as an up-to-date view on voluntary program requirements and your organization’s impacts and relative performance, are critical to success.

Our services provide you with the knowledge and insight necessary to make informed decisions that are right for your organization and sector.

Sustainability Landscape BriefingsSustainability Landscape Briefings

When you’re in the trees, it’s hard to see the forest. To help you see the big picture and keep pace with changes to existing and new sustainability programs, indexes, registries, rankings, protocols and initiatives, you’ll get landscape briefings tailored to your industry and areas of interest.

RECs / Carbon Offsets and Market OverviewsRECs / Carbon Offsets and Market Overviews

As you set challenging climate change and renewable energy goals, our in-depth briefings on environmental attribute and carbon instruments, additionality, trading and applicability in GHG accounting help inform your decisions as you work to achieve those goals.

Carbon Policy, Standards, and Guidance TrainingCarbon Policy, Standards, and Guidance Training

Leadership in sustainability means your organization must stay on top of changing policy, voluntary standards and guidance — not only in North America but across the globe. Our tailored briefings keep you informed so you can address carbon-related risks and opportunities across your organization’s footprint.

NGO / Other Stakeholder EngagementNGO / Other Stakeholder Engagement

Non-governmental and other stakeholder groups shape sustainability expectations for organizations through standards, ratings, rankings, evaluations and voluntary commitments. We help you map stakeholder expectations so you can then prioritize engagement and work proactively and constructively with the groups that have the biggest potential to impact your organization.

Benchmarking and Gap AnalysisBenchmarking and Gap Analysis

An essential part of determining what matters most to an organization and its stakeholders is benchmarking performance against peers and conducting a gap analysis using leading voluntary standards. As a client, you’ll receive detailed evaluations of your relative performance, as well as analysis of areas where performance measurement and disclosure are lacking.

Footprint and Handprint AnalysisFootprint and Handprint Analysis

To fully grasp both negative and positive impacts, you will receive footprint and handprint assessments. Reducing negative impacts — such as mitigating emissions, waste and poor working conditions — and increasing positive impacts — such as greening products, launching community-based programs and improving the lives of employees — leads to a net-positive enterprise that earns goodwill to operate.

Improve Energy and Carbon Performance

Advances in energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed energy, storage, energy management and grid technology are opening diverse pathways to a decarbonized future. As a leader, you must chart a path, capture and evaluate energy and carbon data, and take action to improve performance across your value chain.

Our services help you set appropriate goals, evaluate consumption and emissions and reduce or avoid carbon using innovative approaches.

Strategy and Roadmap DevelopmentStrategy and Roadmap Development

Taking a long journey requires detailed planning if you want to reach your destination on time. Achieving goals such as carbon neutrality or 100 percent renewable energy purchasing is the result of a multi-year strategy with performance metrics, interim targets and annual action plans. We help you address the complexity of achieving these goals through top-shelf strategy and roadmap development, backed with industry knowledge, analytics and a thorough understanding of organizational and market dynamics.

Science-Based Target and Standard Goal SettingScience-Based Target and Standard Goal Setting

Leading organizations are moving toward science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets. We will help you set these targets at a rate consistent with those recommended by climate scientists to limit the impacts of climate change. We’ll also help you set energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction targets and goals that are not part of the science-based target initiative.

Enterprise-Wide AuditingEnterprise-Wide Auditing

Setting goals across an organization starts by reviewing on-site performance at multiple locations. We conduct energy procurement, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions audits that result in detailed reporting and recommendations to improve performance at individual facilities and across the entire system.

GHG Inventory and ReportingGHG Inventory and Reporting

Based on widely accepted protocols and standards, we help you design, compile and report your greenhouse gas emissions to your stakeholders through stand-alone reports or established voluntary programs and platforms. Our service includes dual reporting under Scope 2 for location- and market-based emissions totals.

Internal Carbon Price and EE CompetitionsInternal Carbon Price and EE Competitions

Go beyond external, NGO-driven programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We help you evaluate and set an internal price on carbon. We also help to construct competitions across facilities, divisions and regions to wring maximum energy efficiency from operations — all resulting in improved carbon-related performance.

Supplier Engagement and Supplier ResponseSupplier Engagement and Supplier Response

Companies are increasingly being held accountable for supplier performance, particularly as Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions can be a large (if not the largest) part of a total footprint. We help to build suppliers’ capacity to address energy inefficiency and lower their carbon emissions, which in turn shrinks your footprint and lowers costs of purchased goods and services. We also help companies who must respond to their customer’s request for better performance, including assistance with surveys and other requests for information.

Achieve Leadership Status

The definition of what it means to be a sustainability leader is not static. Organizations must continually analyze issues to determine materiality, build out their performance framework, communicate information in a meaningful way and participate in voluntary efforts alongside peers and other leaders. But leaders don’t wait to see which way the wind blows. They act.

Our services help you hit your sustainability stride and achieve recognition for leading the pack.

DJSI / CDP / Survey Response, and Program ParticipationDJSI / CDP / Survey Response, and Program Participation

Leading indexes, ratings and initiatives drive sustainability efforts and communicate a leadership position to an organization’s stakeholders. You will benefit from expert support in shaping your responses and compiling submissions to DJSI and CDP. We’ll also help you join leading initiatives such as The Climate Group’s RE100, committing to 100 percent renewable electricity purchasing.

Sustainable Development Goals AlignmentSustainable Development Goals Alignment

In January 2017, the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) officially came into force. Over the next 15 years, signatory countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change. Organizations are increasingly using these goals to frame their efforts in common terminology and areas of focus. We will help you align your current sustainability framework with the SDGs.

Materiality Analysis and Performance Framework EnhancementMateriality Analysis and Performance Framework Enhancement

A materiality analysis is an essential tool for prioritizing the trends, issues and norms that impact your organization. Benefit from our well-tested approach to materiality analysis and years of experience in enhancing sustainability performance frameworks.

Performance Measurement, Management and Reporting AssistancePerformance Measurement, Management and Reporting Assistance

Take your commitment to a new level with assistance in evaluating, improving and disclosing your sustainability-related performance. We provide support and guidance to help you successfully navigate the annual performance cycle across your enterprise. And we help you report using leading frameworks including GRI, SASB and IR.

Change Management FacilitationChange Management Facilitation

Sustainability leaders walk their talk. Changing behavior within an organization is a challenging yet critical step toward achieving substantive sustainability goals. Our specialists help you manage change through on-site and web-based training, as well as by conducting continual improvement audits.

LEED® / USGBC® Certification AssistanceLEED® / USGBC ® Certification Assistance

As the built environment undergoes a significant transformation, many organizations want to construct, own or lease buildings that meet rigorous sustainability standards. Our services guide you through the rating system for LEED certification and identify properties that suit your level of commitment to green building.

Learn more and download our Sustainability Data Sheet here.

Ready to seize the opportunity? If you believe the transformation of your organization into a sustainability leader is a challenge worthy of pursuit, we share your passion and determination for change. And we can guide you along the journey. Email us at and let’s start a conversation.