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Low-cost energy at your doorstep.

Edison Energy designs, builds, operates and can ensure financing for on-site renewable energy and other energy generating assets. We work with you to determine the best energy-generating assets for your portfolio — solar, combined heat and power (CHP), fuel cell, wind or geothermal. Creating generation capacity at your facility can save you money and reduce energy price risk — even if you don’t own the property.


Integrated: Knowing when and where to deploy on-site renewable energy or generation is a challenge. We understand the volatility of energy pricing dynamics and how policy, regulation and incentives can impact your organization. We can help you assess and prioritize options across your facilities footprint, integrated with your Master Energy Plan and Realization Roadmap™ and overall Power Portfolio.

Regulatory insight: On-site renewable energy or generation incentives are complex, location-dependent and constantly evolving. Missing an opportunity can mean significant financial losses. Our regulatory insights across all 50 states allow us to help you leverage opportunities as they arise.

DBOM: We can do all or parts of the development of an on-site renewable energy or generation project — design, develop, build, operate and maintain — depending on the role you want us to play. All engineering and design work is performed in-house to the highest industry standards.

Trusted team: We work with you in an advisory role and/or to develop an on-site renewable energy or generation project with a transparency that is unrivaled in the industry. You can be confident that the solutions we recommend are implementable, cost effective and smart.

Flexible structures: Depending on your requirements, we can ensure financing and operational management of your on-site assets, or take full responsibility with our Managed Energy Services.


Cost savings: Save money on your overall energy bill and take advantage of regional energy programs and policy incentives to compound those savings.

Business resilience: Reduce energy price volatility, reduce risk of energy shortages or interruptions from the central grid and address federal and local regulatory requirements.

Price predictability: Secure competitive energy pricing predictability and certainty in an era of historically low energy prices.

Sustainability: On-site renewable energy or generation can help you move towards meeting your enterprise sustainability goals.

Cost-effective projects: Working with an established company means leveraging economies of scale.

What Makes Us Different?

Engineering excellence: We perform all engineering and design work to the highest industry standards, and over time we have built a reputation for quality engineering.

Partnership: Edison Energy can act as the equity owner in the financing vehicle, owning the system installed at your facility — so we are as motivated as our clients to have optimal performance from the on-site energy system we install.

Experience: Our expertise helps clients overcome a variety of issues. We are skilled and proactive with developers executing deals in landlord/tenant situations and experts in the nuances of local, state and federal incentive programs.

Innovation: We are always looking to find the best way to meet our customers’ unique needs — be it financing, policy, incentives, technology or engineering. We use marketplace analytics — assessing hundreds of criteria — to evaluate technology and find the best solution for you.

Pioneering: Fostered by our 130-year history, Edison Energy holds expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge energy technology.

Independent: We don’t manufacture products, so we provide recommendations based solely on the best outcomes for you. Entirely independent, our only assumption is that you have money to be saved. We pledge to maintain your assets regardless of technology or who built them.

No capital expenditure: On-site renewable energy or generation delivers strong financial and sustainability benefits but that does not mean energy assets are where you want to tie up your capital, balance sheet or credit lines. On many projects, we offer options to leverage our balance sheet and/or different pricing mechanisms to simplify your energy world.

On-site Renewable Energy or Generation is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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