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We streamline your energy invoice payments and provide oversight that can reduce your spend.

Edison Energy® Invoice & Energy Invoice & Settlement services deliver significant savings and value — whether you manage energy at just a few sites or hundreds — and our consolidated energy invoice payment service handles all your utility invoices, including water, sewer and energy, saving you late fees, penalties and deposits.


Data management services: We turn energy invoice information into usable data to help us find ways to save you money.

Invoice processing services: We provide a range of payment and processing options; we collect and upload data to the Energy Center Web Portal for viewing, reporting and storage.

  • Full Bill Pay: Vendors send your utility bills directly to us, we extract the information and present it in our Energy Center portal for viewing, reporting and storage. We also pay your invoices for you.
  • Pre-Pay Processing: Same as the Full Bill Pay service, except we send you a PDF of each invoice after receipt / audit and you pay the invoice directly.
  • Post-Pay Processing: You receive/pay your utility bills as usual, and electronic copies of them are forwarded to us for data collection, validation and online presentation with reporting.

Energy Center Web Portal: Built specifically for energy information, the Energy Center is a centralized online repository for commodity contracts, energy invoices and reports. You get cost and usage data and insight for budgeting, forecasting and facility benchmarking — saving you time and money.

  • Monitoring of check clearing (to avoid late or lost payments)
  • File transmission (to populate ERP, AP and GL systems)
  • Enhanced payment performance
  • Easier budgeting of utility expenses
  • Reduced AP expense


Cost savings: We identify excess spending, incorrect charges, anomalies, duplicated data and complex rate cases. We can handle all your utility invoices, including water, sewer and alternative fuels, saving you late fees, penalties and deposits. Typical savings: 0.5%-2% of total annual invoices.

Time savings: Spend less time and fewer resources on invoice collection, analytics, bill payment and reporting

ROI: Clients achieve real savings of 400% to 800% on average against the associated service cost

Enhanced strategy: Access to the spend and usage of your entire portfolio simplifies and adds accuracy to budgeting, forecasting and benchmarking

Energy Invoice auditing services: With a standard audit, we review total energy costs and unit costs compared against prior periods and other data. Enhanced audits use a customized, rate-specific model, recalculating each line item charge for exact accuracy.

  • Standard Invoice Auditing: System-driven statistical audits based on customer tolerances. Data points such as total energy costs and unit costs are compared against prior-period trends, factoring in seasonality and usage floors and ceilings, as well as other optional criteria.
  • Enhanced Invoice Auditing: Primarily for larger accounts, we construct a customized rate model specific to the charges applicable to the invoice. We then run your invoice through the model, recalculating each line-item charge and comparing for exact accuracy.

Our Energy Center dashboard offers quick links to invoice look-up, reports such as spend and consumption history and site overview. Customize it to show the links and reports you use most often.

What Makes Us Different?

Powerful technology: Our data collection and reporting tools are built specifically for energy information collection, reporting and storage — 100% of line-item detail.

Accuracy: As good as our technology is, it’s only the beginning. Our data experts have extensive experience in energy data collection and analytics. We review your energy invoices for accuracy, duplicate charges, missing information and complex rate cases, analyze the data in detail and format it into insightful reports, giving you peace of mind that your energy costs are in the very best hands. Uncovering issues is our job — solving them is our passion.

Full-service: With accurate data in hand, we can recommend energy improvements and implement them.

Invoice & Settlement is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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