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Energy Benchmarking

Context. Comparison.

We help you compare your energy operations internally, as well as against your peers and industry standards.

Edison Energy offers multi-dimensional benchmarking, looking at relative energy usage and spend, efficiency and efficacy of the energy team. We even compare relative sustainability goal attainment.


Compare internal peers: The closest and often most meaningful comparisons are usually against similar types of operations within your organization. Using analytics and experience, we compare energy performance of similar types of facilities and operations across your organization.

Compare against industry peers: Compared to others in your industry, are you best-in-class or a behind the curve? We provide meaningful assessments relative to your peers, in order to drive continuous improvement.

Compare against standards: We can evaluate your operations relative to engineering and regulatory standards, which are prevalent and important in the field of energy management.

Compare in business and engineering terms: We speak energy savings, not just megawatts deployed, providing comparisons and recommendations across both business and technical dimensions.

Actionable recommendations: We don’t do this as an academic exercise. We do it to improve your operations. Our comparative analytics drive detailed and actionable recommendations on how to achieve energy savings and reach your sustainability goals.


Confidence: Armed with our insight-driven recommendations, you have powerful information to go to site managers and executives to get your plans approved and realized.

Cost savings: Meaningful measurements drive improvement programs to reduce energy costs. As energy savings are realized, the standard improves, thereby providing the imperative for even more savings.

Achieve corporate goals: Using our Benchmarking services, you are laying the groundwork for operational excellence and achievement of sustainability goals.

What Makes Us Different?

Information-driven: We use unique information technologies to ensure data drives recommendations for the best possible comparisons, plans and eventual outcomes.

Big-picture perspective: Location, regulation, weather and other factors can make comparisons difficult, as can “noise” in the system. We keep a holistic view of the data, keeping comparisons as pure as possible.

Independent: We don’t manufacture products so we are entirely unbiased, and offer best-in-class options for you based solely on your requirements.

Business- and engineering-oriented: Energy management is an intersection of business, technology and engineering. Many firms are strong in only one dimension. We are unique in our ability to bring complete expertise to bear on your energy operations.

Deep domain expertise: Inspired by our 130-year history, we hold expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge energy technology.

Energy Benchmarking is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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