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Design. Performance.

Expert collaboration ensures energy efficiency and quality system performance for your new construction project.

Energy commissioning is a collaborative effort where our design, construction, testing and training experts — using a rigorous, systematic and documented process for both LEED® and non-LEED projects — work with your design engineers and construction team to achieve design and installation excellence, energy reliability, and peak performance over the life of your new construction project.


Combined expertise: In conjunction with the project team, all aspects of design, installation, testing and turnover are handled by a collaborative team of engineers, construction professionals, Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) technicians and Building Automation System (BAS) experts so that energy commissioned systems work properly on Day One and thereafter.

offering_cx_picTraining: We provide a robust training program for the on-site Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team so they maintain systems at peak performance moving forward.

Standardization: From the start of the project, both physical and digital binders document every phase and include deliverables, milestones and contacts.

NEBB/NIST certified equipment: We maintain our own inventory to verify your systems alongside installing contractors, eliminating the need for subcontractors — saving time and effort.

Flexibility: We work with both LEED and non-LEED facilities.


Improved performance and efficiency: Meticulous attention to detail during every phase of energy commissioning gives you full confidence all systems are designed, installed and continue to operate efficiently moving forward.

Optimized O&M: Systems are designed to meet the needs of the space, helping achieve longer equipment life and reduced repair costs.

Achieve sustainability and energy cost objectives: Provides a systematic, integrated approach to ensuring controlled energy costs and meeting your sustainability goals.

What Makes Us Different?

Highly experienced: We rely on decades of energy commissioning success for numerous facility types and project scopes.

Communication: Energy commissioning personnel work closely and are in constant communication with your project team (construction / O&M).

Unbiased: Our vendor-independent approach ensures the best-fit scenario for your project.

Credentialed: We’re one of only 22 U.S. companies to earn both energy commissioning and retro-commissioning certification by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB). We’re also certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Building Commissioning Association and numerous other industry groups.

Team-oriented: From the get-go, our team members engage yours through regular meetings, open communication and project binders that capture and verify each phase of the project among all team members, utilizing cross-checks, milestones, sign-offs and progress to date reports.

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Energy commissioning is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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