VEM / Monitoring, Fault Detection & Diagnostics

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Stop energy waste in its tracks. Edison Energy® VEM is the proactive approach to optimizing your facility’s use of electricity, natural gas, water, steam—even greenhouse gases. Leveraging web technology, engineering knowledge, field experience, and years of domain expertise, VEM provides predictive and comprehensive analysis for your facility’s operations 24/7.

Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

Greater energy visibility for lower energy costs. By connecting to your Building Management Systems (BMS), VEM provides deeper insights to building operations, allowing you to meet and exceed your sustainability target and maintain persistence over time.

Integrated technology: Our custom, cloud-based technology allows us to monitor your energy usage and spend continually. In the process, we can find savings opportunities and provide root cause analysis so you can take immediate action to optimize your overall use of energy.

Expert support: We have deep experience in interpreting the data and analytics, filtering out false alerts and noise and, in general, providing you with actionable recommendations—so there is no need for you to learn sophisticated software or interpret complex reports.

Instant insight: As we monitor and analyze your usage from our network operations center, you can manage, measure and review your energy costs and usage in near real time. You will receive root cause analysis about energy waste, excess consumption or overspending.

Technology-enabled transparency: Our recommendations are driven by system analytics, providing root cause analysis, which are always available to you for full visibility. The VEM/FDD platform provides transparency and visualization to the built environment ecosystem and complex and dynamic building operations throughout the building’s life cycle.

Customized: Analytic system and dashboards are tailored to your unique site and project needs, thus augmenting and maximizing the impact of your energy projects, enabling detailed, customized reporting and forecasting of your energy costs and use. Baseline report comparisons illustrate weather and production impact.

Savings: VEM lets you manage, measure and review your energy costs in real time, leading to greater energy efficiency and long-term savings of up to 40%.

Faster troubleshooting: You’ll minimize the risk of down time by receiving immediate notification rooted in deep engineering analysis whenever issues are detected.

Improved O&M: By troubleshooting problems as they arise, you ensure your energy systems last longer with fewer costly repairs.

Long-term performance: You get highly personalized, ongoing measurement, and assurance through verified energy projects to achieve long-term energy efficiency, renewable energy goals, and occupant comfort.

Holistic: Through Retro-commissioning developed embedded algorithms, analytics will improve comfort, code and safety issues no matter what your needs are and type of facility you operate.

Fault Detection Diagnostics: We provide root cause analysis to deliver proper solutions as opposed to identifying symptoms with only notification alarms

Independent: Since we don’t manufacture products, we are entirely unbiased and offer best-in-class options for you, regardless of the source—based solely on your requirements.

Engineering Expertise: Our depth of resources, engineering knowledge, field experience, and years of domain expertise are at the heart of VEM services.

M+V: Provides M&V for work performed as part of energy audits and retro-commissoning as well as finding new faults.

Edward Brzezowski

Vice President of Technology

Ed has been an industry leader at the forefront of forging technology into the engineering industry for the past 35 years. He has not only created some of the first analytics packages, fault detection diagnostics and real time monitoring the world has seen, but he also holds numerous patents on efficiency, forensic engineering and analytical based technologies including crafting cutting edge infographics, bridging the gap from advanced system intelligence and performance to operator and management customer teams. Einstein said the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that it is only when we know something so intimately well that we can explain it in the simplest terms. Mr. Brzezowski utilizes technology to bring this level of simplicity and sophistication to meet each client’s unique needs and provide innovative engineering based solutions. Most recently, this work has focused on time series energy and building management system data with automated fault detection identifying the root cause of issues and ill performance. Another innovative aspect that Mr. Brzezowski has specialized in is taking the energy (fossil and renewables) data and performing real-time weather corrections and projections out to the end of the fiscal or calendar years for our customer. This has not only provided valuable insight to the Edison Energy Engineering Subject Matter Experts (SME) who create real time solutions for our customers, but also directly for the customer as displayed through the industry’s most intuitive and valuable infographics.