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Making Energy Simple Again℠

This is an exciting time for the Edison Energy family. Today we launched a company that already has a broad range of energy advisory, information services, engineering, development, project delivery, and integration capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. While the business entity of Edison Energy is new, the team here at Edison Energy is proven and experienced in helping the largest users of energy succeed in an increasingly complex and challenging energy market.

Across our country, the world of energy is becoming more complex, and the largest users of energy — big commercial and industrial companies and major institutions — are facing challenges driven by fluctuating markets, changing policy, and new technologies. Energy for these largest users is not core to their businesses, but it is now considered a critical expense item that impacts growth and financial performance. Yet buying energy, using energy, and managing and integrating energy effectively across the enterprise is becoming more complicated. Compounding the complexity is the increasing impact sustainability has on a company’s energy plan. Companies are looking for help in making the right energy investment choices, building the right energy infrastructure that will provide a platform to support their growth, and in managing and integrating these strategic energy assets across their enterprise.

What companies are looking for is a partner they can trust who can manage all of this. That’s where we come in. Edison Energy is an unbiased, independent energy advisory and full service integration company with scale, experience and capabilities to implement a wide array of energy solutions across the supply and demand spectrum. We work from the customer’s perspective out and recommend and implement solutions based on what is best for them. We remain a trusted, independent advisor by bringing the best suited solutions from the market, not a particular product. We sell energy resiliency, sustainability and security based on the right combination of services that are best for each customer. We deliver outcomes that achieve a customer’s specific business objectives, built on a foundation of information and analytics, regulatory policy, engineering, construction, finance, ownership and operations.

Our unique business model combined with our 130-year heritage and market, technology and policy insights, enable us to simplify energy for large users, achieving what we are calling Energy-as-a-Service. Energy-as-a-Service sits at the intersection of technology, policy, engineering, business and environmental objectives, and allows companies to derive the full advantage of the value available to them in the energy marketplace today and into the future.

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