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Power Purchasing and Saving $80 Billion in Energy Costs

Here’s a fact: The cost of purchasing power by the United States’ largest commercial and industrial users can be reduced by $80 billion.

Here’s another fact: Up until recently, those larger organizations weren’t as concerned with energy conservation as they were with how to easily procure it, typically from a single local or regional utility provider. All that has changed.

Now, multiple energy sources — coupled with sustainability and renewable energy initiatives and pledges from shareholders, activities and employees — complicate the corporate energy management picture. These programs have their own risks and cost centers, so energy managers are being asked to do more than ever before.

And the stakes are high. There is a huge savings potential, not just in the energy itself, but in how efficiently large companies operate and the opportunity to deliver greater profitability by making power purchasing more efficient.

It’s a brave new energy world that is spawning many questions to be asked and answered about energy generation, purchasing and consumption.

To help, Edison Energy commissioned a research project by Menlo Energy, an independent consultancy in energy economics, to explain the current macro level view on energy use.

The result of that research is a white paper, “The Eighty Billion Dollar Energy Savings Opportunity for Commercial and Industrial Organizations”, which presents how much energy large entities use, and explains where the opportunities to reduce those costs lie. The paper examines:

  • Energy use in the U.S. Economy
  • How much energy we can save
  • Why companies aren’t using energy efficiently
  • The barriers to efficient energy use

Energy management is becoming more complex as utility business models evolve alongside rapidly growing distributed energy resources. Forward-looking companies will look for ways to integrate their energy needs into an enterprise-wide plan to capture their share of the $80 Billion energy savings opportunity.

To learn about where large businesses are now with their approach to energy, download “The Eighty Billion Dollar Energy Savings Opportunity” here.

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